3 Great Reasons Traffic Ticket Lawyers Should Be On Your Speed Dial

Post: 3 Great Reasons Traffic Ticket Lawyers Should Be On Your Speed Dial

Traffic tickets are the worst. Although there are a few folks who have never received a traffic ticket, most of us have had to deal with this issue at some point. In the US, 41,000,000 traffic tickets are given to drivers each year. In the same study, from Statistic Brain, the figures break down to about 112,000 people per day. That’s a lot of tickets.

Texas is the #5 state with revenue generated from tickets according to Statistic Brain.

Often, drivers think that they can easily manage the ticket themselves. While most traffic violations are low level misdemeanors and will not land anyone in jail, it is important to understand that by simply paying the ticket fine you are admitting guilt. Simply paying the fine is an admission of guilt and the conviction for the traffic ticket will go against your driving record. Convictions for traffic ticket violations may negatively impact your insurance rates, possibilities for employment and promotion and even trigger a license revocation hearing.

The proper method to resolve your traffic ticket is to appear at the court stated on your ticket and fight your case. However, most people are busy and cannot take a half day off work to resolve a ticket violation. That means we have to take time out of our day, appear in court, wait for your turn before the judge and plead your case according to the proper rules of criminal procedure and evidence. It’s not always a guarantee that anything will change. At the end of the day, you may have just done yourself more harm than good because while you waited to defend your ticket.

The experience and guidance of a traffic ticket defense lawyer can remove a lot of your anxiety and stress associated with your case. A good lawyer can save you time, save you money and protect your driving record.

The Benefits of Retaining A Ticket Lawyer

Having a traffic ticket defense lawyer in your corner to manage your case has several benefits, which include:

  1. Legal Expertise. Ticket lawyers know the technicalities of the legal system and understand how each potential outcome of your case will impact your record in the future. A good ticket lawyer is likely to spot any errors on the ticket or complaint and move to have the case dismissed. This is something the average citizen most likely does not think about or have the knowledge on how to prevail when presenting this argument before the court.
  2. Negotiation Skills. In cases when the ticket and complaints are filed properly with the court, the ticket lawyers will serve as your representative to plea (negotiate) on your behalf with the prosecution. If you only handle one ticket a year, how do you know if you have received a fair deal on your case? You simply do not have a point of comparison. A good ticket lawyer handles many cases each year and understands what is a fair outcome in plea negotiations given your specific case. This is especially important in cases where the defendant has a long driving record or cases where folks are accused of traveling at a high rate of speed.
  3. Save Time! In most cases, a traffic ticket lawyer can resolve the case without you having to appear in court. If you are busy working or just passing through town, the last thing you want to do is take a vacation day from work to come and appear in court to resolve your traffic violations. Your traffic ticket defense lawyer will be the one working for you, while you continue with your life.

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