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Texas Driver’s License Suspension Defense Lawyers.

If your Texas driver’s license is suspended or you have received a Suspension Notification from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), contact our Texas driver’s license suspension defense lawyers immediately.


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DPS is the agency that administers driver’s licenses in the State of Texas. DPS has the authority to issue licenses, but it can also suspend or revoke your driver’s license for a variety of reasons.

DWI Suspension

If you are arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and refuse to provide a breath or blood test, you are subject to having your driver’s license suspended for a period of 180 days. If an individual takes a breath or blood test and “fails,” then their license can be suspended for 90 days. If your driver’s license has been suspended, our driver’s license suspension lawyers can help you in obtaining an occupational driver’s license so that you may drive during your suspension period.

Point System Suspension

If you are issued a traffic ticket and are ultimately convicted of a moving violation, DPS will issue points against your driver’s license. When a driver accumulates 6 (six) or more points on their driver record, DPS will assess a surcharge every year they maintain six or more points in addition to any fines you may already have. If you fail to pay the surcharges in a timely manner, DPS will move to suspend your driver’s license.

Conviction Based Surcharges

In addition from the point system suspension, DPS may also assess surcharges if you are convicted of certain traffic offenses, regardless of how many points you may have accrued. Convictions for No Driver’s License, Driving While License Invalid (DWLI), No Insurance, DWI all carry surcharges for the next three (3) years.

Drug Conviction Suspension

If you are convicted of possession of a controlled substance, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin, your Texas driver’s license will be suspended for a period of 180 days. In addition to the driver’s license suspension, you will be required to successfully complete a 15 hour Drug Education Program for each conviction. If you fail to complete the Drug Education Program as ordered, your driver’s license will be suspended indefinitely until DPS receives the certificate of completion.


Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) and Driving While License Invalid (DWLI) are offenses that result when an individual operates a motor vehicle at a time when their driver’s license is either invalid or suspended. These type of offenses can be filed as a class A, B or C misdemeanors. Class C misdemeanors are “fine only” offenses and do not carry jail time. Class B misdemeanors have a range of punishment of up to 180 days in jai and fines up to $2000. Lastly, class A misdemeanors can result in up to a year in the county jail, and a $4000 fine.