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Texas Weapons Defense Lawyers.

A conviction for Weapons Charges can have devastating and lasting consequences that can impact your future. A successful criminal defense starts early.

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At Joyner + Joyner – Texas Law Firm, we zealously advocate for our clients to ensure their rights are protected. Every situation is different and our attorneys thoroughly review all the facts with our clients to make sure we prepare the most effective defense. Our Weapons Defense Lawyers are readily available to all their clients throughout the course of their case. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and we stand by our clients every step of the way.

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In Texas, weapons charges can arise from unlawful carrying, unlawful possession, unlawful transfer and smuggling. Being charged with a gun crime can be damaging both professionally and personally. The seriousness of this type of charge cannot be emphasized enough and it is important for you to hire an experienced weapons defense lawyer.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a gun crime, contact our criminal defense lawyers immediately. We will provide you with a FREE consultation and explain the options available in your weapons case.