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Texas Traffic Ticket Warrant Defense Lawyers.

The experienced Texas Traffic Ticket Warrant Defense Lawyers at Joyner + Joyner – Texas Law Firm have successfully represented thousands of clients with active arrest warrants throughout the State of Texas.

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After a brief phone call with one of our Texas Traffic Ticket Warrant Defense Lawyers, you will understand all the options available in your case and be well informed before you make a decision on how to properly remove the active arrest warrants and the resolve the underlying offenses. Do not simply pay the fines as this may result in convictions on your permanent driving record.

Texas Failure to Appear and Active Warrants.

In Texas, when you are issued a traffic citation and fail to appear in court by the date stated on the ticket, the court may issue a warrant for your arrest plus an additional Class C misdemeanor charge of Failure to Appear. Once a warrant is issued by the court, you are subject to arrest at any time. Do not wait until the next statewide warrant round-up to resolve your outstanding traffic tickets and active traffic warrants.

Our traffic ticket warrant lawyers can remove the active warrants, resolve the associated traffic violations and in most cases reduce the total cost of fines. Our defense attorneys have successfully represented clients throughout the State of Texas and have the track record to prove it. Typically, our attorneys can remove the active warrants within a couple of days without you having to pay additional fees to post a bond or requiring you to appear in court. Contact our Active Ticket Warrant Defense Lawyers today to learn more.

Do not just pay the warrant fees and the ticket fines. Simply paying the tickets will result in a conviction against your permanent driving record. Do not wait until law enforcement has you in handcuffs to resolve your active warrants.

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