Venezuelans Seeking Asylum in America Skyrockets

Post: Venezuelans Seeking Asylum in America Skyrockets

Despite what many may think of the current climate of the United States, it is still a country that is seen as a beacon of hope, opportunity and progress. Many people can debate the validity of that perception, but to those living in countries where governments run rampant with corruption, where drugs and violence dominate the streets and where jobs and money are scarce, America is a place that many could only dream of.

It’s this perception that drives immigrants to come in droves to our country. While many enter the country illegally, there are many that truly want to be part of our culture, and do things the right way from the outset. It’s those individuals that are looking to hit the reset button on life and introduce their ideas, their abilities, and their expertise into the American fold. That’s how this country was founded, and that’s how we will continue to grow and be the very best we can be as a country.

Vacating Venezuela

Currently the country of Venezuela has made the headlines, and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. In an article from Latino Fox News, 57% percent of registered Venezuelan voters want to leave that country. That number comes to 12 million people, which is almost half of the country’s population, which currently sits at approximately 30 million. The country is experiencing some of the worst negative growth seen in around the world.

For example, Venezuela is experiencing:

  • -8% growth rate
  • 482% inflation rate
  • 17% unemployment rate (projected to hit 30% in a few years)

When a country hits a tipping point like this, it’s only natural that citizens of that country look to other areas of the world where they can find hope and re-establish themselves. Neighboring countries are typically first considered, and are seeing their fair share of immigration issues, and managing the influx of people the best they can.

“Last month, more than 120,000 Venezuelans flooded across the border into Colombia seeking food and medicine. Brazil and Guyana have both stepped up deportations as Venezuelans have been crossing the border seeking food. And the tiny islands of Aruba and Curacao have reported desperate scenes familiar to South Florida: Venezuelans trying to reach the islands in makeshift rafts.”

The Miami Herald

Despite neighboring countries dealing with a migration from their neighbor, some Venezuelan citizens are setting their sites on America, and determined to make the journey.

Immigration Lawyers In High Demand

The number of immigrants coming to the U.S. and seeking asylum has dramatically increased in the past years. As such, Immigration Lawyers are working hard with client and the US Government to ensure that the proper procedures are followed in the most time effective manner, so that these individuals can complete the immigration process the right way.

According to the Guardian, “recent data from the US government’s Citizenship and Immigration Services show that in March 2016, Venezuelans climbed to second place among nationalities submitting asylum requests, with 1,345 applications during that month.” That number is only climbing and shows no signs of slowing.

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