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Nuestros abogados brindan consultas legales de cortesía todos los días. Para su comodidad, hemos compilado una lista de Preguntas frecuentes para cada área de práctica.

Traffic Ticket Law

This is probably your worst option. Many individuals are not aware that by simply paying your traffic ticket results in a conviction on your driving record. Additionally, if you are convicted of a moving violation your car insurance premiums are likely to increase. In some cases, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will try to suspend your driver’s license and impose additional annual surcharges. Fortunately, even if you are guilty or if you are not eligible to take the defensive driving, our traffic ticket lawyers may be able to keep the traffic ticket off your driving record. In most cases, our ticket defense attorneys can resolve your traffic ticket without you having to appear in court. Contact our ticket defense lawyers today to discuss the options available in your case.

The right to take the defensive driving course is a valuable option. However, the State of Texas only allows you to take the defensive driving course once every twelve (12) months.

Electing to take the defensive driving course is not without the risk that you will still end up with a conviction on your record. First, you have to pay all the court fees. Then, you must also pay the tuition to an approved school and another fee to the Texas Department of Public Safety for a certified copy of your driving record.

Do not forget that you must also spend at least six (6) hours attending and passing the final evaluation required by the course. Finally, you must provide the court with a certified copy of your driving record and the official course completion certificate within the time period ordered by the court.

Your time is valuable. In many cases, our traffic ticket lawyers have been able to resolve our client’s violation without the client having to complete the defensive driving course or appear in court. By hiring one of our traffic ticket defense lawyers, we may be able to have your case dismissed without you having to use your defensive driving option. Contact our ticket defense attorneys for a free consultation and then decide if taking defensive driving is the best option for you.

Our traffic ticket lawyers have helped many of our clients who have received multiple traffic violations within the same calendar year. Regardless of the number of traffic violations you have received, our ticket defense attorneys will work diligently to keep all the traffic tickets off your permanent driving record. It is extremely important to consult with an experienced traffic ticket attorney in this situation. You have rights, exercise them! Regardless of how many traffic tickets you have received or how long ago you received them, contact our traffic ticket defense attorneys today.

First, read your Notice of Suspension very carefully because you only have a short period of time in which you can request a hearing to contest the suspension. Our traffic ticket lawyers can represent you at your License Suspension Hearing and assist you in keeping your driver’s license valid. In the event you driver’s license has already been suspended, our ticket defense attorneys can help you request an Occupational License with the court.

Immediately after you hire us, we will begin working on placing the active arrest warrants on hold. By placing the active warrants on hold, we we will prevent you from being arrested while we resolve the underlying traffic ticket cases. We will also remind you of all upcoming court dates in which you are required to appear in order to prevent any additional arrest warrants from being filed against you.

You get quality legal representation for a very reasonable price, you eliminate unnecessary trips to the courthouse, you eliminate the anxiety and the hassle associated with resolving traffic tickets. Most importantly, you increase your chances of having a favorable outcome and keeping your driving record clean.

For traffic ticket cases, an in-person consultation is usually not necessary. However, our traffic ticket defense lawyers will gladly schedule an in-person case evaluation if requested. Call our attorneys today to receive a complimentary consultation regarding your case.